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Don’t give the government any more of your hard-earned money than necessary!

Did you ever stop and think that there’s a tax consequence to most everything you do?  Births, deaths, marriage, divorce, higher education, home buying (and selling), medical procedures, health insurance, moving, changing jobs, hurricanes and other natural disasters – the list goes on – all have an impact on your tax return!  And that’s all before you engage with your inner entrepreneur and start your own business!

Why do you need tax consultation and planning?  Here are the FAQ’s:

Why do I need a tax planning appointment?  Because everything you do has a tax consequence, and because you don’t want to pay the IRS more than necessary.  You have questions and we have solutions!

What are the benefits of tax planning?  The goal of tax planning is to better understand how taxes work and to learn what you can do to minimize your overall tax burden.  Tax planning is an important part of making sure you understand how different types of income are taxed, what things are and are not deductible, and what to do before year-end to minimize your taxes.  It can also help prevent you from paying in too much during the year and giving the government an interest-free loan!

When is the best time to plan? The simple answer is any time anything changes in your life or in tax law, which is – all the time!  At the very least a mid-year and/or year-end checkup can pay dividends. Once the tax year ends, the options are very limited.

Can you help me with my business tax planning?  Yes and YES!  We love working with small business owners, particularly new ones.  Starting a business involves three levels of government (local, state and federal) and they all have specific reporting requirements with penalties for non-compliance.  Understanding how to stay compliant while minimizing your tax burden can be a full-time job and the first step is to understand the rules so let us help.  Ask about our package specially designed for new business owners.

Do you consult on issues other than tax?  Yes, we do. We do general business consulting for small business owners covering topics including choosing a business structure, branding, setting up your chart of accounts to capture the information needed to evaluate your business, and other general business topics.  We’re a small business too, so we’re likely pondering many of the same issues.  We also help businesses and individuals set up and manage budgets to stay out of debt and improve financial performance.

What does it cost?  Tax consultation and planning appointments start at $295/hour with a minimum of one hour.

How do I schedule my tax planning appointment?  Call the office or reach out to us on-line to schedule a time to meet.  We can do it in person, on the phone or on-line.

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