Secure Client Portal

Yes, we work remotely and would be happy to serve you in that manner this year and into the future.

Here’s how it works – get us your paperwork in whatever manner is best for you. Our preference is to receive electronic copies of your documents through our secure data portal but we also accept US Mail, FedEx/UPS and fax. (IRS does not allow e-mail).

Once we receive the information we will process it and get you any questions we may have. When a draft of the return is complete we will place a summary in the portal for you to download and review. We will also send you a link to pay us electronically.

At that point, we will schedule a call to review the return and provide the necessary documents for you to sign and return.

At any point in the process, you may call the office for assistance.


Jerry Gaddis EA MBA
Tropical Tax Solutions
305.451.4829 – Florida Keys Office
863.293.4829 – Central Florida Office