At Tropical Tax solutions our goal is to prepare your returns accurately, file them timely and, should it ever become necessary, vigorously represent you before the IRS. We specialize in the following areas:

Tax Consultation & Planning

The internal revenue code is roughly 2,652 pages and well over 1 million words – exclusive of statutes, regulation and court cases – and changes occur all the time. Understanding how it applies to you, your family and your business is not an easy task. Let us get to know you and your unique situation so we can collaborate on a strategy to minimize your tax bill – now and into the future.

Tax Planning appointments are available starting at $195/hour with a discount available for current clients.

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Tax Preparation

Taxes are complicated, tax returns are time-consuming and errors can be costly so having an expert in your corner makes sense. Take the stress out of tax prep by letting us do the work for you. Whether you are an individual, business, not-for-profit or other entity, we are here to help. Surveys show that people who use tax professionals to prepare and file their returns tend to get bigger refunds and have less stress.

We offer virtual and in-person appointments for current year, prior year and amended tax returns. Each engagement includes a line-by-line explanation and review with Q&A. Prices quoted are for tax prep and review only; other services are billed separately.

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Taxpayer Representation

The IRS is known as one of the most powerful collection agencies in the world. They have the ability to commandeer your assets, garnish your social security and other wages, and offset future tax refunds. Do you really want to face them alone?

Whether the IRS has a question for you or you just haven’t gotten around to filing all your required returns, let us help. We can see what the IRS has in your file, reply on your behalf, get you compliant with unfiled returns and negotiate with the IRS for you. As an Enrolled Agent firm, we are federally licensed and admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.

Taxpayer representation services require a formal engagement letter and retainer.

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We also offer the following services:

Business startup consulting, general business consulting, bookkeeping, financial report preparation and review.

Mr. Gaddis is available as a speaker and/or writer for those seeking an entertaining and informative tax presentation.

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